What is Dr. Mooney’s current availability for speaking engagements?

Dr. Mooney is currently booking speaking engagements several years in advance. His availability varies depending upon Clinic schedules and other speaking engagements. It is best to first check Dr. Mooney’s presentation schedule on-line at www.MapleLeafClinic.com to see when and where Dr. Mooney is currently scheduled to present to see if any dates conflict.

What are Dr. Mooney’s travel and accommodation requirements?

A speaking engagement that is over six hours driving time from Vermont or 400 miles requires standard airfare and accommodations. Presentations within 2-6 hours driving time require mileage reimbursement plus accommodations. Presentations within two hours driving time or 150 miles require only mileage reimbursement. Accommodations (the number of nights) will vary depending on the time the organization requests for the presentation and available/reasonable travel times.

Once the speaking engagement date is secured, what happens next?

After submitting a presentation request form and your date is secured, you will receive a written contract with all of the details regarding the conference, including travel and accommodation fees. If your organization has a contract, it can be substituted as long as necessary changes occur.

What about handouts?

Dr. Mooney’s presentations are enhanced with PowerPoint slides. About a month before your conference or workshop, Dr. Mooney will send handouts to your organization with signed restricted permission to print a copy for each of your participants. Dr. Mooney will also provide a CD containing the handouts on request. Handout originals must be returned to Dr. Mooney after printing.