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Maple Leaf Clinic

Maple Leaf Clinic recognizes that people with ASD, AS, and HFA, have difficulties. Looking at social strategies, that include time at school, work, home, or time with friends Maple Leaf Clinic has staff with experience to help.

People on the spectrum see life through their own set of lenses. Some are better visually, some are better conceptually, others have a use a more emotional approach. Understanding and expression are closely related, finding the keys to unlock healthy expression is part of developing understanding and communication.

Staff at MLC have developed an approach to working with others that includes a mix of different approaches. Staff at Maple Leaf Clinic are patient, friendly and involved. Staff member’s experience includes knowledge, qualifications and strong background in NLD.

Creating opportunities and strategies for working with NLD includes developing and working with strengths that look at the individual as a whole. Working together on life skills, communication and other areas clients create opportunities for living.

Maple Leaf Clinic has the Camp Maple Leaf, a great place where kids from across the spectrum can come together, share with each other, make lasting friendships and learn from each other. Camp Maple Leaf is a place “Where kids can be kids!”

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Working with Maple Leaf Clinic

Maple Leaf Clinic works in partnership with other local organization to continue care. The Maple Leaf Clinic works in partnership with the Maple Leaf Center helping educate people on ASD, AS, and HFA. Dr. Dean Mooney’s work also includes work with the Turner Syndrome Society, where he speaks on the subject of Autism, Aspergers, High Functioning Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder.
A strong focus on learning and working with others is a smart part of educating yourself on NLD. Learning with NLD and working with others builds a connectedness that encourages understanding, promotes advocacy and a better way for living. Working with you includes a holistic approach that looks at the big picture.