New Jersey
“Dr. Mooney was thoroughly enjoyable and his sense of humor made the presentation very likeable.”
“Really enjoyable and clear! Thank you.”

“Dr. Mooney was informative, realistic, and provided great analogies to back up research and bring information into a non-clinical vocabulary. I wish there were more psychologists accessible of his caliber. Thank you.”

“Dean Mooney was a great speaker, knowledgeable yet kept my interest and included humor.”

“I found Dr. Mooney to be very knowledgeable and able to present concepts at many different levels for parents and professionals. He presented information then connected it to real life examples. Well done and informative! Thank you.”

“Dr. Mooney is incredibly engaging, knowledgeable, and down to earth. Excellent!”

Dr. Mooney did an excellent job. He kept my interest with his visuals and examples from own practice and life.”

“Dr. Mooney is very engaging and it’s obvious that he really knows the subject. He gave many educational strategies that will be helpful to me as a teacher.”

New York
“Wow! What a wonderful speaker! He was organized, kept great pace, sense of humor is just great! I’d come back to listen to him for a whole day!”

“I appreciate Dr. Mooney’s style and humor in dealing with a subject that sometimes can be fraught with complexities and dim predictions. It was so nice to be able to laugh again. Thank you!”

“Dr. Mooney was an exceptional presenter. I loved his very understandable explanations and examples. Dr. Mooney could have captured my interest all day!”